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Ty's Ride for the Cure

Los Angeles-Boston




Apprehension, exhilaration, anticipation and fear. That is how I am feeling as I make the final preparations for my trip-3415 miles, 15 states and 42 days in the saddle.  I have a thousand unanswered questions and thoughts running through my mind.  Am I physically fit enough to make the trip?  The mental tenacity required to complete EFI (every fantastic inch) is unbelievable.  Have I trained hard enough and am I ready?  And what about the 56 page checklist?  True to character I have ignored some of the items.   I mean how can you possible prepare to sit on a 6 inch wide saddle for this many days.  Being away from the family for so long raises a set of emotional issues as well.

But, here I am at T minus 25 days making my last minute preparations and trying to stay focused on my training.  I feel pretty strong on the bike and convince myself that physically I am ready.  I mean in Pittsburgh all we do is hill climbing and I keep thinking that this must be an advantage.  I mean, how do you possible train for this ride in Florida or the Great Plains.   

There are so other factors that could keep me from finishing the ride.  Any of my current injuries or any future illness could easily derail the trip.  I’m just hoping my leg (IT band) and hand (broken bones) hold up for 42 days of riding.  And what about acts of God like getting hit by a car.  Oops, don’t want to talk about that anymore. 

I appreciate any email or comments that you might have.  Letters of encouragement are especially appreciated.  I’m sure that after every day I will look forward to your emails, pictures, commentary and ribbing.  After all you, my friends and family are my connection to the outside world.  Remember, write early and often.  I promise to respond to each and every email.  And if you don’t know me, then introduce yourself and write anyway.

Hopefully, things will go as planned.    Many palm trees, windmill farms, catci, deserts, hills, wind, rain, plain (no Spain) and 15 states later, I will arrive safely at my destination.

Thanks in advance for your support and thank you so very much for helping to fight a serious illness and making this a most memorable ride.

Ty E