Ty's Ride for the Cure

Los Angeles-Boston





Dear friends and family,

As you may know, I leave in less than a week to embark on a 3400 mile cross- country biking trip starting in Los Angeles on May 14th and ending in Boston on July 1st.  My wife and I had always talked about biking cross country, backpacking the entire Appalachian Trail and hiking up to Mount Kilimanjaro.  We were always thinking that once the kids (children just doesn’t seem to be the right word here) were out of school that we would be able to do all of these things.

Unfortunately, Leslie has been stricken with Multiple Sclerosis.  The symptoms had remained partially obscured by several surgeries she had endured over the past few years.  We had blamed her extreme weakness in her right leg on an ACL replacement surgery.  Her hospitalization last May for 16 days due to a bike accident where she punctured a lung and suffered complications gave us further reason to blame something for the multitude of problems she was enduring. 

Finally, last Fall it got to the point where Leslie could not walk a half mile without stopping.  There were other symptoms as well.  We knew something was wrong, but it was quite a shock when she was diagnosed with MS.  Naturally we confirmed the diagnosis multiple times.   After all, we had biked in dozens of MS events and always raised money for the cause, why hadn’t we of all people recognized the symptoms?

 Multiple Sclerosis is a disease where your own body attacks the myelin which surrounds and protects the nerve fibers of the central nervous system, leaving lesions or scars on the brain.  This can cause damage to just about anything nerve related including blurred vision, severe muscle weakness, slurring, etc. 

I am asking for your help in fighting this terrible disease.  Leslie is a very private person and it was difficult writing this letter.  However she feels very strongly that if going public helps raise money for a cure then it is the right thing to do.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration of supporting my ride cross country to help fight MS.  Donations may be made in either of two ways.  You may enter either the National MS website and make a donation by typing in Leslie’s name or you may send a check to me made out to the National MS Society.  All trip expenses for the ride are being borne by me, so that all monies raised will go to fight MS.  If you want to make a pledge on a per mile basis it will serve to motivate me even more.

Today, Leslie is on medication and gives herself an injection three times a week.  After each injection she gets flu like symptoms-a result of the drug.  In about 60% of the cases the drug is able to halt most or all of the progression of the disease.  We are anxiously awaiting any signs of improvement.    

Thank you for your supporting us in the past.  It is in times of adversity that one’s character is tested.  Not only am I proud of my wife, she is my inspiration.  I hope you will support us in our fight to stop this disease.

You may follow my progress as I bike across the country by visiting my website at  or email me at or




Ty E.