Ty's Ride for the Cure

Los Angeles-Boston





Day 19 - Dalhart, TX - Guymon, OK

72.3 official miles

5:00 time, 15.0 average

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Well we crossed another state line today.  California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are now all in our rear view mirror.  Tomorrow we cross Oklahoma off the list.  Today, we crossed into Comanche territory, although I didn’t see any nearby.  We are now in Sooner country.  These were the people that jumped the gun on the land rush of 1889.  That is today’s history lesson.

Today’s 72 mile ride started in an undecided fashion.  At least the weather was.  It was hard to figure out what to wear, so most of us just carried our jackets, etc.  It did rain on us for about 30-45 minutes and was a moderate 59 degrees or so starting out.  Our old friend Mr. Headwind was out in full force today at about 10-15 mph.  What this means is that instead of going 18-19 mph today, we dropped into our aero bars or the drops of our handlebars and slogged at 13 mph or so.  It would be better if it was a total headwind because you could draft off the person in front of you.  Instead in was about 30 degrees off the port bow.  Each time a truck passed us on our side of the road it kind of blew us forward.  Each truck coming from the other side of the road blew us backward.  Fortunately there were more trucks headed east than west.  Unfortunately, most were cattle trucks.  The last 20 miles or so was much easier as the road turned and the wind slackened a bit. 

Someone remarked that the rough roads of Texas immediately improved upon our entry into Oklahoma.  That person will have a flat tire when they awake for tomorrow’s ride.  Don’t mess with Texas.  Several people remarked that it was the first time they had seen a pump-jack.  If you don’t know what this is, you probably haven’t seen one. 

A couple who did the ride in 2003 drove down from Ponca, OK which is 250 miles away.  Distances out here take on a whole new meaning.  They set up a special rest stop with all sorts of drinks, cookies, brownies and snacks.  Awesome!!  When we arrived at the hotel they were waiting with beer and wine and more snacks.  What a nice couple, Don and Helen are.  Their gesture was very much appreciated by all.  In backpacking we call people like that trail angels.  I’ll have to derive a name for this in cycling.  You can’t find two nicer people.  Thanks Don and Helen.

Anyway, we are all safe and sound in Guymon, OK.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a recovery day.  This is a day which is easy after several hard days and it gives us a chance to recover, hence the name.  I checked and the weather says Mr. Headwind will be out in force tomorrow.  Oh and onemore thing. I'm sorry I didn't take a lot of pics. It was the rain.

Signing off for another day.


Big Tex, about 20 miles outside of Dalhart, TX

The first greenery we saw in Texas. Obviously irrigated.
From yesterday.
Don & Helen. Two very nice people.
Jed and Ty at the State Line. Jed with scowl on face..