Ty's Ride for the Cure

Los Angeles-Boston





Day 13 Grants, NM to Albuquerque, NM

79.2 miles

4:19 time, 18.3 average

3,000 feet of climbing

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The second best ride we have had so far.  This morning we left Grants where the early morning temperature was 42 degrees.  It warmed up quickly and we took a very scenic and beautiful ride.  The problem with the extreme temperature swings (45 degrees) is that you have to shed layers of clothing along the way.  Fortunately the vans take it from us at the rest stops and we collect it at the hotel at night.  We set a paceline for the first 31 miles with seven riders and averaged over 20 miles per hours  For the entire ride I averaged over 18 mph.  It was exhilarating.  Of course each of the seven (me excluded of course) tried to show how much testosterone they had as they took their turn on the front.  It is obvious that none of us have seen our wives in two weeks.  And we wonder why women laugh at us so much.  That’s about all there is about that.

We stayed on Route 66 most of the time and saw a lot of old gas stations and groceries and adobe buildings  It makes you think a little about the law of unintended consequences created by the interstate.  You can just visualize driving through here in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s getting a great home cooked meal, gassing up and staying at a local family owned motel with freshly ironed sheets.  Its almost like passing through the land that time forgot.  Ironically the interstate is just a stones throw away.  Funny I never read anything about how the interstate helped destroy part of the fabric of America.    
Most of the people from the East would think we are in the desert, but this land actually supports cattle.  This land is not nearly as desolate or hot as Arizona.  Of course it is still Spring here.  We did see a coyote today, although whether he was wiley or not I don’t know.  If you didn’t get that, I won’t explain.  I actually still have a yearning for the West. 

Once we were on the interstate, I had a flat tire.  Its kind of like breakfast.  If you don’t have it, you just feel like you’re missing something for the rest of the day.   If I carried all of the spare tubes  I’d need on the interstate I’d resemble a bandolero, sans mustache.  I would probably resemble at least the pancho (muy pancho) part but a little less of the villa part.  The little tire wires just seem to penetrate bike tires fairly well.  I have had 4 flats so far, but sports fans listen up.  The record is 53 a few years back.  Oops, I’m not supposed to use the F word.  Among bikers you can always use the other four lettered word, but never the F word for flat.  Nor can you use the T word, that being for tailwind.

All kidding aside, I’m beginning to treat my body like it is an unrelated object.  When I eat during the day there is no appetite and the nourishment is tasteless.  I constantly think of calories and nutrition.  Before a ride you apply lotions, creams, ointments and sun screen.  I now know the difference between these categories and can tell you the calories in each.   After a ride you apply lotion and creams in quantities that would make any woman jealous.  I will never again ask my wife why she needs so many different products.  I now use more than she does.  Then I massage my legs and drink another tasteless high protein cytomax shake.  Actually, it isn’t tasteless.  I have vanilla and it tastes a little like liquid chalk, although I think the chalk is probably better.  And admit it, all boys have tasted chalk by the end of second grade.

The riders who only did the Western segment are going home today or tomorrow.  In a few days we will leave the West and head onto the plains.  It seems to be going fast, although I miss Leslie and the girls terribly.  This ride is certainly increasing my mental toughness.  Tomorrow, we climb and climb some more all the way to Santa Fe.  Do you know the way to Santa Fe?.  In Santa Fe we get a rest day.  It will be a long time after that before we get another one.  Rumour, aka the weather service has it that we will have favorable winds tomorrow.  Its amazing how much attention that I pay to the weather now. 

Well, for now that’s all folks.

Signing off……. 

Cyclysm of the day.  We separate our laundry into two piles.  Black spandex shorts and other spandex. 



One sharp looking paceline at ease. Jim Hall and Elmer at the front of the pack. I was in the rocking chair.

We knocked, but no one was home.
Between Grants, NM and Albuquerque.
I just loved this rock outcropping.
Rumor has it that this was our original hotel.
  Albuquerque. We were glad to get here.
A scenic view of the Rio Grande
Ty at the Rio Grande river. Eric in highway taking picture.
Eric and Bill chilling. Eric his legs and Bill his ........