Ty's Ride for the Cure

Los Angeles-Boston




Day 1-Orientation Day !!!! A Day at the Beach-Literally

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Today we took a nice easy ride to Manhattan Beach to check out the bikes. Ran into a Ride for the Cure event on the beach bike path. And there were these perfectly synchronized roller bladers doing 16-18 mph on the beach path. Tomorrow we head for the beach for the real thing. Two by Two just like Noah's ark.

It was orientation tonight and we covered a myriad of instructions. I started a flat pool with prize money for who gets the least amount of flats between LA and Boston. Prize money for the fewest flats. Tire buying instructions for the person with the most. I am attaching a few pictures, hooked up with a few guys I will be riding with tomorrow. If not for the beach volleyball girls, I think our average speed would have been up.