Ty's Ride for the Cure

Los Angeles-Boston





Day 47 - Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Albany, NY to Brattleboro, VT

76.3 miles-official miles

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Well, it rained all day again.  It has now rained for pretty much three solid days.  The rain today was cold as the altitude got higher.  It was between the high 50’s and the mid 60’s.  I haven’t been this wet since I was in diapers.  I don’t even get this wet in the shower.  I’m sure everyone has been watching the flooding.  It’s just that we feel like we are living in the flood as we bike through the rain.

The scenery was beautiful as we entered Vermont.  There was a lot of climbing to today’s ride.  But the conditions were deplorable.  It just made biking not a lot of fun.  It was worse than that, but I’ll save the expletives.  I didn’t complete the entire day today.  I was just absolutely freezing and I am coming down with a head cold or something worse.

Tomorrow is the last day of cycling as we head into Lexington, MA.  Hopefully the weather will be better and I won’t be in such a foul mood.

Signing off………….