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Los Angeles-Boston





Day 43 - June 24, 2006

Hamburg (Buffalo), NY to Canandaigua, NY

93.1. miles-official miles

new computer installed for tomorrow

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Today was a 93 mile ride with 5,412 of climbing and a 7 mph headwind.  What’s strange about this fact is that I thought it was an easy ride.  It’s either that my legs are stronger or the chocolate covered espresso beans I was popping along the way were having an impact.  It doesn’t matter, I’m happy.  Maybe tomorrow, I’ll try some more espresso beans.

Tomorrow we have an easy day.  The ride is 68 miles to Syracuse as we inch our way across New York.  From there it is on to Little Falls and then on to Albany.  The end of the trip is near.  I can smell it like a freshly mowed hayfield.  It is hard to believe we have come so far.  Our tagline of “we’re going to Boston,” isn’t very impressive anymore.  Maybe “we came from LA” would sound better. 

The ride today had beautiful scenery.  There were rolling hills and even the occasional wheat or corn field.  I can’t say I saw anything spectacular, but no one ran me over and the day was pleasant enough.  I did start the day with both hand and leg warmers.  I just don’t like to get chilled.  I’m a wimp.  It was humid enough that it probably didn’t matter, since my jersey was absolutely soaked through and through for the entire ride.  It’s kind of like wetting your pants, except just think of wetting your shirt instead.  I think I prefer to wet my pants.  At least when that happens I can change them.    

One of my friends from graduate school broke the monotony today.  He invited me over to his friend’s lakehouse and we sailed for a bit and got to chat and drink beer.  It was like borrowing a family for a day.  Al and I were in the same section and study group at Darden, so it was great to see him again.

I don’t have to lot to be chatty about.  Hope all is well on the home front.

Signing off………….


The rolling countryside around the Finger Lakes.
A cobblestone house. Looked really neat.
Bill playing in the wheat field.
Another hill.....who cares?
I knew I should have followed the cue sheet.
Tracy, did you say make a left or right in Ohio?
Mack giving Jed tips on hillclimbing. Jed talking about Chiahuahuas to Mack.
The view from Lake Canandagua.
Jim's sailboat. It was cool sailing around the lake.