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Day 39 - June 20, 2006

Wooster, OH to Niles, OH

92.0 miles-official miles

computer quit

4,900 feet of climbing (provided by Jim Hall)

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1 Day to Erie!!!!!!!!

Here I am safely arrived at my destination in Niles, OH the birthplace of President William McKinley.  Things didn’t turn out too well for him, I hear.  One more day and it is Erie and a rest day.  Most importantly a reunion with my family.

Today was supposed to be an easier 92 mile ride, but somehow it didn’t quite turn out that way.  We now think of 60 or 70 miles as a warm-up ride.  In fact today turned out to be a two chocolate milk day, so you know it had to be tough.  I knew we were in trouble when a sign said that we were on the scenic CT bike route or cardinal trail.  Scenic is the Gaelic word for hilly (expletive deleted).  We climbed 5,000 feet today so I needed all of my leg strength.  My legs had the consistency of Jello pudding on a hot day. 

This morning started out with perhaps the most beautiful riding of the trip.  It was just an ideal morning, clean and crisp with us riding in the countryside.  We stopped at a little bakery in the town of Fulton at the 25 mile point and had a rest stop at the 35 mile point.  Everyone was feeling good at this point, although I both embarrassed and hurt myself right before this.  I was at a stop sign trying to be careful while eating a goo.  Yum Yum.  Green Apple flavor which tastes a little like……oops this is a family site.  Well I tipped my bike over, since I didn’t unclip and now have more scars as battle wounds.  They are in the perfect shape of my front chain ring.  Unfortunately, other riders witnessed this.  When Margaret arrived with the van and asked if I needed anything, I asked her if she had any pride in the van.  Mine was left on the pavement.  At least I drew some good blood, so that put a small damper on any heckling, although I think they are now looking for some training wheels for me.

All in all, a tougher day than I thought, but what the heck we are seasoned veterans now.   We have traveled over 300 miles in the past three days so our legs are a little ragged.  Someone asked me a question yesterday that you might be interested in.  If not, I’ll bore you anyway.  They asked if our legs are much much stronger since we have been biking a lot.  Well the answer is the perfect answer for an economist.  Yes and No, or it depends.  Our legs are stronger, but since we are biking so much they don’t have a lot of time for recovery and are not as strong as they will be after a couple of weeks of rest at home. 

The countryside was beautiful today.  The people take so much pride in their homes and yards.  We have seen that for the last 1000 miles or so.  In Illinois, Indiana and Ohio we have met the friendliest people.  They have a lot of pride in their homes and their country.

I don’t have a whole lot to say tonight, which is probably out of character, but somehow these long days have a way of wearing on you.  Four hundred in four days is a lot of miles.  I used to think it was long to drive across Ohio.  Now it seems like nothing. 

And on a final note, I hear Jen and Mike are engaged.  If you know who I am talking about, then you’ll be happy.  Congrats!!!!!!!!! 

Signing off…….. 

An Amish farmer, I'm keeping this pic up all through Ohio.

A bunch of Longhorns waiting for the next game against OSU. They do look like champs.

A beautiful Wooster morning. Where is the rooster?
I love these construction zones.
I think I look at little like the guy that played the lion on wizzard of oz. Now that's scary.
Bob Grasa and I in the cool Ohio countryside. This is before the hills started.
Welcome to Niles. It was a great sign to see.
Ty assessing the Longhorn's chances for a repeat in 2006
This was from a few days ago, but I didn't post it then.