Ty's Ride for the Cure

Los Angeles-Boston





Day 32 - Springfield, IL to Champaign, IL

86.6. miles official miles

5:49 bike time

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We arrived in Champaign yesterday after a 87 mile ride into our friend the headwind.  Who cares, bring on the headwinds.  Champaign, IL is the only city in the US spelled that way.  It is kind of a cross between champagne and campaign.  I was a day behind on the site, but this catches me up.  Seven more days of biking puts us in Erie, PA and another rest day.  I can go home to Pittsburgh and see the family.  What a joy!!

Something truly amazing happened yesterday.  On our ride we passed through Clinton, IL and stopped at Dairy Queen.  It is great to eat a burger at 10:00 in the morning.  We met these five very nice ladies who had finished their workout at the Y.  They asked us about our ride and were pleased to note that I was biking for MS.  Most of the ladies had been touched personally by MS.  First one and then all five gave me cash for MS.  These were not wealthy people, just the nicest people you could meet.  I had tears in my eyes for the next ten miles.  The idea that perfect strangers would help someone with a charitable cause speaks for itself.  God bless them.  They are on the front page of today’s write-up.

I ate a burger today at Culver’s.  I had never eaten at Culvers, but it was an excellent dining experience.  They are famous for their butter burgers and incidentally this is the lightest item on the menu.  Everything including the frozen custard is delicious, but it is the only restaurant where they have a cardiologist on staff and give out Lipitor discount coupons at the door.  It was actually a great dining experience, but they didn’t dare post the calorie counts.

We are staying at the Drury Inn.  My impression of them was always hazy, but I have to plug them.  They have free beer and wine, snacks, great breakfasts and a laundry along with a great atrium and lobby area.  I always talk about the bad hotels.  Most of them are actually pretty good.  I wish I could say the same for my $10 haircut. 

As I write this, I am waiting for the evening news on the local ABC affiliate.  They interviewed me today.  I just hope they somehow make me look good.  I was ok until I spoke.  Yesterday, a little girl was impressed with our ride and her mom took our picture.  She then asked for an autograph.  I guess as we get closer and closer to Boston, it becomes more impressive.

We have just viewed the channel 15 local interview and Ty did a great job concerning the love of his family and a subject near and dear to many of us –RAISING  MONEY for MS Research. Truly great job –JED HEINEDL visiting reporter for this paragraph.

Signing off…….. 

This is America. These ladies were the nicest. Thanks.....
The last pic of Barry riding solo. Tomorrow Susan and he are on the tandem. Good luck Susan.
Barry with Margaret, one of our super staff members.
I don't think Bill realized the corn is not high enough.
One way to beat the wind. Rick, Elmer, Eric and Gil take refuge and follow this tractor and grain trailer for 4 miles.
Did we take a wrong turn and end up in West Virginia.
What an inspiration. I just had to stop.
Ty and Barry, Bill is still in the corn somewhere.
Barry in his element. Thinking tractors.